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Little Moments. Big Regrets. Mommy Guilt.

Hayley Mullins

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Little Moments.  Big Regrets. Mommy Guilt.

We all hear about “mommy guilt” all the time, and how we aren’t supposed to live with regrets; we’re all doing the best we can and need to let the small stuff go.   Undoubtedly, guilt is something we all still struggle with from time to time, and I’ve recently realized its not the big moments I’m regretting… it’s the little ones.  The other day we were at the park as a family; my husband had taken the day off work and the weather was finally nice.   We sat to the side with our baby while our toddler played happily in...

Look good, feel good, thanks Eva Mendes!

Hayley Mullins

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Who knew sweatpants were so polarizing? New mom Eva Mendes came under fire from moms everywhere last week for saying that sweatpants cause divorce (click here if you missed it).   While I’m pretty sure she was joking, that didn’t stop the onslaught of angry comments from those who disagreed. Arguments against Eva included: She has enough money for a full time staff. I actually take care of my children, and my clothes are always stained. My husband thinks I’m sexiest in sweatpants. I feel the need to play devil’s advocate… Yes, she likely has help, but aren’t we, as moms,...