An Amazing Few Weeks At SleepBelt

Hayley Mullins

I started this blog with good intentions.  I wanted to write once a week in the hopes that doing so would help me let more new moms know about us, and to offer relatable posts to those new moms currently in the trenches.   What I forgot is that when you are home with toddler, a baby and a growing business simultaneously, time is at a premium... something's gotta give sometimes!

We've had an AMAZING few weeks.  We were at the Baby Show in Toronto at the end of March and sold out of our onsite product, then I had the opportunity to take part in an amazing product-focused workshop where i was able to benefit from the advice of brilliant minds.  We've realized that the value in SleepBelt isn't that it allows you to be hands free while practicing skin-to-skin, it's that it really, simply eases the transition from womb to world for baby, which makes that 4th trimester easier for mom as a result...and dad!

On facebook, I posted a beautiful photo of a new father with his baby, and people had an awesome reaction. Dads cherish that skin-to-skin bonding time with their newborns just as much as moms; dads are just as involved with their babies, and I don't think they get enough credit for it.  I am so grateful to be able to share this photographic proof with everyone, and can't say "thanks" enough to the new parents who share their pictures with us.  We've figured out new uses for the product (forward facing on your lap, extra support with your wrap) with some help from our users. We've gotten orders from new retailers, re-orders from current retailers, and orders from Canadian and American hospitals, and are exhibiting at three major medical conferences in the next 6 weeks.  You have no idea how exciting this is for us... this started with a simple solution for a personal problem, and have seen it morph into something even more special. Honestly, it's been a crazy month in an even crazier journey.  I'm so excited to see what happens next.

For anyone who's ever said or heard "don't quit your day job", i say "don't quit your dream job".  

Do what you believe in, and the world will believe in you.  


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