Spring Forward. Then Take a Nap.

Hayley Mullins

Spring forward. 

Did you spring anywhere today?

I sure didn't.

While I'm grateful that my children's usual wake up time is a lot more reasonable with the time change (seeing a 7 vs. a 6?  I'll take it), there was definite grogginess in the air today.  I heard on the radio that the 6 days following a time change yield more collisions on the road than any other time of year.  Tell me THAT doesn't confirm how important sleep is! 

For those of us suffering from winter (not the blues, just "winter"), spring forward means more than just a time change... it FINALLY kicks off the season of rebirth!  The sun is shining, and that makes it a lot easier to overcome any urges to stay in bed, right?  Until you hear today is ALSO National Napping Day.  yep.  National Napping Day.  Right on the heels of Sleep Awareness Week. 

Who comes up with these holidays and how do we get involved? No. Seriously.

I'm going to look it up right after a nap.


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