30 vs. Kids

Yesterday, this popped up on my facebook feed, courtesy of Fast Company:

Turning 30 described in charts and graphs

I immediately sent it to my sister-in-law, whose 30th birthday we had just celebrated the night before. As someone closer to Mid-Thirties than Early-Thirties, I couldn’t help but REALLY relate to so many of the author’s points…. Comfortable shoes, bed by 9pm, what’s on your facebook feed. As I sat there, feeling the next-day effects of TWO light beers, it got me thinking… Could I relate because of my age, or because I have kids?!?!?

Both milestones came at once – I got pregnant the year I turned 30 – so maybe it doesn’t matter, but since I’ve had kids, all of the above matter. A lot.

Since I’ve had kids, I’m always just a little bit tired. Regardless of whether my girls sleep through the night and I’ve gotten 8 glorious hours. It doesn’t matter if I’m away from home, solo (rare). Naps, time outs… nothing matters – I’m ALWAYS a little bit tired (maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about our product that gives tired new moms a bit of a break and helps as they soothe their newborn babes? *Shameless product plug: SleepBelt was my lifesaver with baby #2*).

I’ve given away most of my heels and have become loyal to flats. If there is a heel, it’s a kitten heel or stacked. No more sultry stilettos. I just can’t do it, and nor do I care to. Most of the time I’m carrying a child, an over packed diaper bag, or a car seat. Assembling a stroller while trying desperately to keep my balance? No thanks. I struggle enough with balance on a good day. If you know me, you know I’m not lying.

I’ve never really understood selfies or party pics (come on people, don’t you know the internet is forever!?), but can’t get enough weddings and cute babies. I admit it – I am a total facebook creep, and even if I don’t know you, if your wedding or baby albums have popped up on my newsfeed, I’m pretttttty sure I’ve looked at them all. Maybe more than once.  

For the past 3 years, I had attributed these behavioral changes to having kids, but maybe – just maybe – it has nothing to do with children and everything to do with leaving my twenties behind. Like every mom, I’ve had moments where I long for the old days of freedom, spontaneity and crazy nights that go into the wee hours of the morning (but still being able to bounce out of bed like I stayed in… and by choice), but if it has nothing to do with kids, and everything to do with getting older, then I will long no more. Now excuse me, please… I need a nap.


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