Celebrity Gifting & New Mom Glamour

Celebrity gifting is a funny thing.

Celebrities are part of the fortunate demographic that can afford and access the latest & greatest, yet they get so many things given to them, for free. It’s understandable that the general public often takes issue with celebrity gifting, yet for an emerging business, gifting could become their greatest marketing tool. All it takes is one tweet or photo to propel a virtually unknown brand into the mainstream. We’ve seen it happen with clothing, jewellery, and of course, baby products. Everything Kate Middleton wears, uses, touches sells out in minutes.

We’ve been doing celebrity gifting since we launched, and while we may not get a photo (SleepBelt is kind of an intimate product), we know that word can travel fast amongst those of influence… who knows that the future might bring? At the very least, we’ve had an absolute blast at Golden Globes and Oscar suites, and have met some wonderful media contacts and some of the most gracious celebs. These events help re-affirm the normalcy of the people you watch on the big and small screen regularly.

Celebrities are no different than you or me, yet I have to admit I got a little giddy when I saw photos of Adele and Beyonce pushing the same stroller as me… Having the same product as a celeb is like a tiny thread connecting us to those whose talents and lifestyles we admire. As a new mom, it can help put a *tiny* bit of glamour back into our daily lives; we may wear yoga pants daily for the first 3 months, but we sure can work the same accessories as some of the most glamourous women in the world.

When you think about it though, babies are kind of like tiny rock stars; a new moms’ life is filled with screaming, drool and sleep deprivation. We’re at their beck and call 24/7, and do everything from feeding to wiping their bums. I guess that makes parents their entourage (or groupies? No. Let’s go with entourage)… and who doesn’t want to be part of that? I know I do. It’s wild.


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